Score More Balls!

Score More Balls! is an isometric puzzle game. The goal of the game is building connecting groups of balls and removing them from the playfield.

Swap the balls to create a single-color group.

Game starts, user swaps

Once you have a 5 balls (or larger) group which reaches the scoring area you can select the group and remove them by pressing the Score button.

Each color has different point values: white - 2, green - 3, blue - 4, pink - 5, gold - 6. The bigger the group, the more points you can get!


New balls spawn after each action!

If there's no room to spawn a new ball, the game is over!

Game over

There are three levels in the demo version: Football, Basketball, Golf

Demo version

... and two more in the paid one: Rugby, Waterpolo (on mobile these are separate DLCs)

Paid DLC

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